Foundation Lines

Imported Blue Eyed Homozygous (TT ) Mare

Foaled 2001                                                   13.3 hands

                    GHRA Registered             Lydia is possibly looking for the perfect retirement home!

Black - Single Red Gene, Single Black Gene Tobiano - Homozygous Sabino - negative Agouti - negative Silver - negative

 This little mare just wreaks Gypsy type!  We still think she's one of the prettiest little mares in the U.S.  When we first saw her, it was love at first sight!  She has everything going for her, from the tips of her pretty little ears to the bottom of her feathered feet!  She embodies the traditional Gypsy Horse to a tee.   She's produced fabulous offspring too!  She's also one of the gentlest soul on the planet.  To add to her perfection, she has a stunning head with blue eyes!   We can put the most novice rider on her and trust that she'll be gentle with them.   She's also well broke to the cart, and she has an awesome road trot!  She is a true family mare!  .

Lydia's fabulous offspring below.

The coveted Nala!  A fabulous example of Lydia's ability to produce!  Photo taken and kindly supplied by Jennifer Wilkening.

Royal Apolloette, another fine example of what Lydia produces!

Heavenly Star.  Lydia's stunning 2012 Highway Star daughter.  She has her own page on this site.

Lydia's 2015 filly by Highway Star.  She is absolutely breathtaking! and what a mare she's turned out to be!!  Living the good life in MN!

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