Highway Blues

Highway Star  x  Emmy

2015 Blue Eyed Black Tobiano, Homozygous TT Colt                                                                 Foaled 3-16-2015                   

          13.2 hh                                             Full GVHS Stud Book Registered                                    PSSM negative                           

I always expect quality from this cross and he didn't disappoint!  He is gorgeous and stylish from the tips of his tiny little Highway Star "trademark" ears right on down his heavily feathered legs!  I love that his Blue Eyes are set just like his mom and dad's, one dark eye and one light blue.   His potential is apparent and his quality speaks for itself.  His bloodlines are deep rooted along with the greats.  This cross has produced Reign, who is has earned her "keeper" status in our herd.  Starling is his full sibling,  as well as Lizzy!  He is also a full brother to Multi-Champion All Star!   It doesn't hurt that he's about the quietest and sweetest horse around:)

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3-16-15  The day he was born.

Something I always forget to mention with this colt, is that  he is a very fancy mover as well and has ample of amounts of quality hair!  His mane is about to his knees right now!

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His quality was quite apparent as a youngster.

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He's so pround in his "dirty clothes"!  He has a pond in his turn out area and he likes to play in it!