Indigo's Royal Twilight

Indigos Royal Knight   x   Cadburry

2010 Bay (with roaning) stallion            15 hh               E/e, A/a                      PSSM Negative

GHA Registered            GHRA and GVHS reg., pending applications, and qualified for both

Once again, we hit the jackpot!  "T" is a magnificent traditional Gypy Horse stallon and what  a "showboat"!  He's incredibly correct and statuesque.   He carries himself like the king he is.  Beautiful head, tiny ears, big brown expressionate eyes.  Stunning silhouette.  He's correct and balanced in every way possible, has a shoullder and front end to die for,  very heavy bone, along with hair, and plenty of it!  His mane was past his knees when he got here, but a lot of it was brushed out so it's a little bit shorter now, and will be past his knees in no time at all! 

A proven producer of show winners and mostly fillies!

** Note **  Some of the pics are from the day after he got here and he was a "little rough around the edges", mainly because he was mostly standing around the past couple of years due to his ex-owners moving and needing to cut way back on their horse activit.  Actually for a horse that's was on vacation for quite a while, he looked pretty darn good! 

We do have some new pics up now after several weeks of body conditioning and a bath!!

"Mr T" will be standing at stud this year (2020) by AI only. 

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