Miniature Donkeys

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Our Jennets

Wulff's Rita Little Maria  

Aka "Wulfie"

    Brown Jennet foaled  4-27-05                                            MDR Registered

One of the sweetest souls on the ranch, definitely a favorite!  Proven producer.  Moonlite (below) is her son!  Both very small!

Apple Cart Acres D'Arcy Spice

AKA Ginger

Mel-o-Dees Sweet Sunshine Girl

Aka Sunshine

Red Jennet Foaled  3-21-17                                         Sire: "Sabre"  Dam:  "Ginger"

MDR Registration in progress

Mel-o-Dee's Brite Starlite

aka Starlite

Grey Jennet foaled  3-22-18                       Sire:  "Sabre"   Dam:  "Princess"

Beautiful young jennet!        In process of Registering

      Mel-o-Dee's Spring Storm 

AKA Stormy

              Grey Jennet foaled 3-1-17                                Sire:  "Sabre"  Dam:  "Princess"

               Another beautiful and sweet girl!                 Also in the process of registering


Mel-o-Dees Moonlite 

                                                       aka Moonlite      FOR SALE!       SOLD!

    Dark Brown  Jack       Foaled  4-11-18         Sire : "Sabre"     Dam:  "Wulfie" 

Absoluteloy gorgeous and correct little jack, measuring right at about 30".  He's ready to go too!  Gorgeous head and it's seldom you see a hip and a shoulder like this in the mini donks.  Ready for the savvy breeder wanting to improve or strengthen these attribute in their herd.   He would never be for sale if he weren't related to  almost all of our jennets.     we prefer to sell Moonlite and his gelding dad, Sabre, as a bonded pair.    



                         Hill Co Mini's Sabre      FOR SALE!  SOLD!

aka Sabre

Red Gelding foaled on 3-9-11      MDR Registered     

He measured roughly  right about 31 1/2 inches

Beautiful littel red gelding!  Was shown as a youngsters.  Such a sweet boy!    I was told he drives, and his cart and harness are also available!  We'll be picky where he goes because he's very sensitive <3    We actually would like to sell Sabre and Moonlite as a bonded pair.

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** A Note regarding our Donkeys **

We work hard to socialize our donkeys.  We keep up on vaccinations, de-worming, hoof trims, any vet work that needs to be done, etc.   While almost all of our donkeys are sweet and social, there are a couple that weren't socialized a lot as youngsters, so we work hard at getting them friendly.  I think all of them at this point are well socialized and approachable.  They have also been exposed to, and are used to, kids, dogs, traffic, etc.


If you are interested in one of our donkeys, please let us know your location and your use for the donkey.  It is our firm belief that all donkeys, horses, llamas, etc.,  deserve to have at least one of their own kind, in order to live a healthy, well balanced and happy life.  If we sell a jennet, we would like her to have another jennet as a companion.  We know, sometimes jacks are aggressive or territorial and can't always be in with other donkeys but we believe they should be, at least, be next to other donkeys, so they can see, smell and somewhat socialize with others of his own kind.  We don't sell "GUARD" donkeys.  In general, if there's a predator after your livestock, the donkey will become prey as well.  Small or vulnerable livestocjk should be locked in a secured and roofed shelter to keep them safe.  Donkeys need to be kept with/or near other donekys.  Sometimes when donkeys are put in with goats, sheep, llamas/alpacas, etc, they will injure them, grab them by mouth, etc.  If purchasing from us, we may want to have a few pics of your facility (does not need to be fancy at all, just safe with a good shelter from the elements).

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                                     Red Jennet Foaled 3-17-12                                              MDR Registered                                        

                           Another really sweet girl.    Proven producer.   The dam of  "Sunshine" (below)!

                                       Mel-o-Dees  Little Arthur

Tiny registered spotted jack  SOLD!

New girl!!      Cluskey's Merlin Dixie

      Dark Brown Jennet       Foaled  7-9-2007                  Sire:  Heiken's Ark Merlin      Dam: Sunset Acres Pixie   

MDR Reg#  54113

                            Another New Addition!  We will also welcome her baby this Summer or early Fall!                                                                                            

New girl!!      Cluskey's Merlin Cora   

Spotted Gray Jennet Foaled 6-28-07        Sire:   Heiken's Ark Merlin    Dam: Harken's Ark Daria

MDR  Reg #  54112

                                                                                               Mel-o-Dees  Eleanor

Sweet little jennet, 4 years old.   She'll be bred to our new spotted mini jack.

MDR Registration Pending

                                                                                         Mel-o Dee's Peach Blossom

Red Jennet approximately 10 years old                      Sire and dam unknown

Really small and very sweet.  Will be bred to our *New* very small  spotted  Heiken's bred jack!

MDR registration pending.

****   Be watching for pics of our new tiny spotted jack.  Heiken's breeding top and bottom!  ****


 Gorgeous *Little* weanling jack.   Will be registered soon! 

Cheddar has been removed from the sales list.