2021 Filly 

Indigo's Royal Twilight  x  Harker's Ambrosia

Absolutely gorgeous and BIG filly!  We knew  this foal would boast some very traditional  carachteristics, and had very high expectations of what this foal could be, and she didn't let us down and actually exceeded our expectations.  This is one of the very few traditional type fillies on the market today.  The bone and feather on this girl is unreal and she has the most feminine little head with her sire's "tippy" ears.    Looking to have her sire's shoulder too.  She is a big heavy girl!  As an added bonus, she even has some blue in her eyes!  We aren't sure what colors she carries as her sire is bay with lots of roaning throughout his coat and her dam has produced some intersted color in the past.  Very sweet "in your pocket" girl too :)

Tobiano Filly Foaled  3-7-21                                   

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She's smiling!!  :)

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