Indigo's Royal Twilight

   Indigo's Royal Knight  x  Cadbury

 2010  Bay (with roaning) Stallion                 15 Hands         E/e  A/a        W20/W20                   PSSM1 Negative

 GHA , GVHS and GHRA Registered

I've fallen head over heels in love with this guy!   And as much as I love his personality,  he checks all the other boxes too.  He's very heavy, very hairy and correct, and I think he's got the market cornered in the shoulder department (seriously has the best shoulder I've seen in this breed).   He's upheaded and carries himself like the King he is.  He has a beautiful head with dark expressive eyes and the Ears!  I love his tiny ears!  He's athletic and loves to play in the pasture.   He loves to jump!   He also has an engaging personality and never takes himself too seriously!

He had been being ridden fairly regularily at one point but hasn't been ridden in at least a year.



IIn a limited breeding career, "T" has proven to be a producer of high quality and Award Winning, offspring in a rainbow of colors!!  Check out his offspring on our"Gypsy Horses" page.  They are truly some of teh finest we'e produced here.  Their quality is outstanding!

Be watching for "T's" "Offspring Page"!

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He is pretty lean here!  He had been running and enjoying the big field for a few weeks!

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Ungroomed and dirty, literally just brought in from the field. We still think he's pretty perfect!  Lots more mane on the other side.  In fact it's past his shoulder now! 

That shoulder though!

Literally just pulled out of the pasture, ungroomed, sweaty, and dirty,  he's still a magnificent beast!

That shoulder though!

A closer look of T's hip  to show his roaning a little better       

Available to an approved home!