Highway Star Offspring

Here are a few of Highway Star's offspring.  I think you'll see he's pretty consistent and generous with passing on his fabulous attributes!

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All Star aka ACE

Out of our top producing mare, Emmy, and purchased as a yearling colt by Patrick Ripee and Marjprie Lynn.  This Many Times Champion stallion has gone on to be a top  winning horse, even beating out tough Midwest stallions!  Well done ACE, Patrick and Marjorie!! Photo by Jamie Mammano and used with permission from Marjorie Lynn 

Blue Rose , out of Siofra.  SOLD!

Heavenly Star, out of Lydia.    SOLD!

Summer Starlette, out of AmbrosiaSOLD!

Highway Starlette, out of Ambrosia.  SOLD!  

Owned by Desert Jewel Gypsy horses.  Photos courtesy Desert Jewel.

Highway Blues

2015 stallion, out of Emmy, full brother to Reign and All Star!  For Sale!


Rock Star, bred and owned by Debra Joyce

Reign, out of Emmy, retained by us.

2015 filly out of Lydia.  For Sale!  SOLD!!

Rock Star Romeo, out of Emmy.  SOLD!

Winchester, out of Ambrosia.  SOLD!

More coming soon!

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Winn Hill Isis, owned by Tassi Freija.  Gorgeous filly!   

Desert Jewel Jubilee


Beautiful and very hairy stallion quality gelding!


                                              2015 Colt

                             Highway Star  x Cassiopia

                                 Owned by Katie Nevin

Starling Darling

2017 mare out of Emmy (retained by us)


2017 filly out of Ambrosia

Hollywood Star

Owned by Patrick Ripee and Marjorie Lynn

Photos by Jamie Mammano and used with premission from Marjorie Lynn.     FOR SALE!!

Princess Peach

Owned and much loved by Lynda Allen


Bred by Gypsy MVP  Photo courtesy of Jennifer Wilkening


       Owned by Diane Kaler